Normandy Estates Tennis Courts

NEMRD Code of Conduct

Normandy Estates Metropolitan Recreation District strives to create an atmosphere of respect and courtesy. Appropriate social behavior and treatment of others is expected of all District employees, members and participants. Physical, mental, verbal or emotional abuse will not be accepted or tolerated by anyone participating in District activity or facility use.

Any District employee shall be authorized to enforce the Code of Conduct along with any rules and regulations applicable to the activity or facility. Any person acting inappropriately or disrespectfully may be subject to a revocation of the privilege of using District facilities or participating in District activities.

Thank you for your cooperation and for making Normandy Estates Metropolitan Recreation District’s facilities safe and enjoyable places.


General Pool and Tennis Rules & Regulations

  1. Hours: The pool will be open annually, from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The pool will be open daily, with open swim hours posted at the facility. Once school begins (Jefferson County), the open swim hours will be only on the weekends. The Tennis Courts will be open 24 hours a day, year-round, weather permitting.
  2. Pets: Pets are not allowed on pool grounds or on the tennis courts except for registered service animals. All pets on District property must be leashed. Pet owners must pick up pet waste and dispose of it properly.
  3. Glass Bottles/Containers: No glass bottles or containers are allowed on pool grounds outside the Clubhouse/East/West pavilions.
  4. Alcohol: Use of alcohol within the pool ground is not suggested due to safety. Inappropriate use may result in loss of privileges.
  5. No smoking within pool (fenced) area.
  6. Vehicular Access: Motorized vehicles on any/all NEMRD managed lawn, turf or bicycle/pedestrian pathway is prohibited.
  7. Dumping: It is prohibited to deposit or leave any refuse, trash, landscaping debris, or any other materials on District property.
  8. Property: The District is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.
  9. Access: The District will offer daily walk up access to the pool during the season. Tennis court access will be restricted to member use through the use of combination code locks.
  10. Pool Rules: Members or walk up guests shall follow the following rules during their use of District pool facilities. Violation of these rules may result in removal or termination of membership. 
    • All members and guests must check in prior to entry
    • Proper swimwear is required for pool usage
    • Swearing or abusive language will not be tolerated.
    • No hanging on the swim lane ropes.
    • No food, drink or gum allowed within the pool.
    • No running, spitting or horseplay on pool grounds
    • Swim diapers or plastic pants required if not toilet trained.
    • Guards will clear the pool at their sole discretion for lightning when it is within ten mile within the last half hour and/or health concerns.
    • No hard objects, such as but not limited to: baseballs, footballs, toys with projectile ability, in the pool.
    • All slide users must be at least 48” tall
    • Slide users must go down slide feet first.
    • One person at a time on the diving board and slide
    • A swim test may be required to swim in the deep end of the pool or to use the diving board.
    • No swimming or use of a floatation device allowed in the diving area
    • Swimmers are requested to exit the deep end (diving board area) by the ladder (north/south sides).
    • No double bouncing on the diving board
    • Flippers, floatation devices, are not allowed on the diving board. Walking on deck with flippers is a safety concern and will not be allowed. 
    • Parents/Guardian of children who are not proficient swimmers must keep watch of their children, in the water, including the shallow area and zero entry. Must be within arm’s reach of children at all times.
    • Flotation devices: including but not limited to: water wings, inner tubes, large floats and similar, maybe restricted during periods of open swim due to crowds. Please check with lifeguard before bringing into the pool.
    • Non-proficient swimmers may use a floatation device (water wings or inner tubes) ONLY if a competent swimmer/adult is within arm’s length of the child in shallow area.
    • Mermaid tails are not permitted in pool.
    • Zero entry is for small children and parents/guardians monitoring young children, older proficient swimmers are asked to not play in this area.
    • Personal tents/shade structures are allowed but must be 20 feet from sidewalk to avoid blocking view from pool.
    • Members and guests are expected to follow any verbal instructions given by the lifeguards and/or additional posted signs and warnings.
  11. Tennis Rules: Tennis court users shall follow the following rules during their use of District tennis facilities. Violation of these rules may result in removal or termination of membership.
    • Tennis court usage is limited to District members.
    • Tennis courts are available on a first come/first served basis, except during posted league matches, junior matches or lessons.
    • No bikes, rollerblades or skateboards are allowed on the tennis courts at any time.
    • Tennis shoes and proper attire are required.
  12. Membership: The District Board shall have the right to determine the categories of membership for users of District facilities, the fees paid annually for each category, the rights and obligations of membership, and the circumstances for termination of membership.