NEMRD Meeting Minutes June 9

June 9, 2021

By Kacey Pickard

NEMRD Meeting Minutes                     6/9/21                                6:45 pm

Attendance: Carey Wirtzfeld, Peggy Merrill, Kacey Pickard, Preston Faiks, Melissa Wells
Minutes: Motion to approve 5/12/21 made by Peggy.  Second Melissa. Motion Passes
Motion to approve the special meeting on 6/1/21 min made by Peggy. Second Kacey. Motion Passes.
Treasurers' Report – Received Revenue/Expenditures report.  Rental report.
Board Member Reports-
    1. Carey - 
      1. Monument Sign –  
        1. We have an engineer that is helping us.
        2. Have an email into the county to clarify what exactly they need.  But that was two weeks ago, will follow up this week.
      2. Excel Usage Audit: tabled until later summer/fall
      3. Pool opening –
        1. Membership Report: 20% more members than usual (240 memberships)
        2. John’s email:
          1. 10 min adult swim
            1. Preston moves to eliminate adult swim.  No Second
            2. Peggy moves for a 15 min adult swim.  No Second.
            3. Kacey moves for a 10 min adult swim before the top of the hour.  Preston Seconds.  3 for, 1 against.  Motion passes.
          2. Closing time
            1. Off pool grounds at closing time.  John decides how this happens within reason.
          3. Recycling
            1. Keep the dumpster.
            2. Preston moves to put a sign on the recycle trash bin that says cans/bottles only, and that the guard dump it in the recycle bin into the recycle dumpster regardless of what is in the recycle. No Second.
            3. Peggy moves to not provide recycle trash cans unless a party specifically requests that. Second by Melissa.  For 3.  Opposed 1. Motion passes.
          4. Floaties – the bead floaties leak and clog the system so are not allowed, no large flotation devices
        3.  Columbine Knolls For the space that we were closed is $900.
    2. Peggy-
      1. Contracts for next season
        1. Facilities Manager – NEED for 2021 for June to December. ($100 a month)
      2. THANK YOU Boy Scouts Troop 554 for your help
      3. Sewer line replacement
        1. MR dispute – Motion to settle with MR for 9,000 walk away.  Second by Peggy.  3 in favor.  1 abstention.  Motion passes.
          1. One suggestion was wait until we actually have all the information of what this costs.
          2. We will never have them on our property again and this is likely the best we get to, we need to move on.
        2. Grass
        3. Electrical – 3,100.00
        4. Locator tape or wire
        5. Excavation 2,100
        6. Refill – Bid for 2,800; 5,600; 
      4. Tennis – Session 2 is full and 3 is filling up quickly.
      5. Swim Team – season is only 8.5 weeks long.  2 home swim meets.
        1. They had to use Pirates Cove for the week we were not open, our contract provides for this and we will follow what that says regarding rental time
    3. Kacey-
      1. Food Trucks:
        1. Holiday trucks: did not meet minimum on Memorial Day.  Cold and pool wasn’t open. 
        2. Bought a bunch of ice cream sandwiches from truck.  What to do with those? We will sell them on fathers day.
      2. 4th of July – trucks will be coming.  Need to mark off parking spots.
      3. Parking lot repair – Haven’t heard when they are coming.
      4. Family nights – first one was last night. It went really well, there were a TON of people, we sold out the food truck.  Biggest compliant was that Kona didn’t show up
    4. Melissa –
       i.   Motorized vehicles on the path/parking.  We feel like no motorized         vehicles on the path, it is a safety hazard.
    1. Preston –   
      1. Webpage – Off pool grounds at closing time.  Tennis session 2 full.
Tennis Courts- Please contact Matt Rotter,, for information.
Clubhouse- Open for events in accordance with the most recent public health orders.
Newsletter Articles- next monthly mtg. date/time- Wed., July 13 at 6:45 p.m.; facilities manager needed, need weeds pulled and trash pick up at entry way.
Business for Next meeting – Opening status, plumbing repair, Memorial day overview
Next Mtg. is scheduled for July 13, at 6:45 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 7:56
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