NEMRD Meeting Minutes Mar 2020

March 11th 2020

By NEMRD Secretary

Meeting Minutes 3.11.20  6:45 pm



Attendance: Carey Wirtzfeld, Peggy Merrill, Janice Bird, Kacey Pickard, Preston Faiks 

Guest: Jon 

Review Minutes - Motion to approve the February minutes made by Janice.  Second by Peggy. Motion Passes

Treasurers' Report- Received revenue and expense report.  Budget. NEMRD rentals report.

Board Member Reports-

    1. Carey-  

      1. Joint meeting with NEIA items? 

      2. Memberships – 9 memberships

      3. Election is canceled.  One opening. Will need to appoint to that position. 

      4. Pool Replastering – 

        1. They need weather to warm up a bit to do the tiling.  

        2. No expected delays in the scheduling (April 21)

      5. Entryway Sign

        1. Estimates – 

          1. Janice checked with Fast Signs – they haven’t responded

          2. Mason saw the damage and reached out – Carey will check on that

        2. Preston filed a police report with CSP

      6. Schools/Neighborhoods to get the Pool Flyer

      7. Denver water is increasing the alkaline/PH – will not be an issue with the pool water because we check the levels throughout the day anyway and treat the water accordingly

      8. Boiler Pipe Corrosion – $965 quote to fix it.  

        1. Motion by Peggy to have Dan Kennedy fix the pool boiler pipe corrosion for a cost of up to $1200.00.  Preston seconds. Motion passes.

      9. Denver water cross contamination issue – Jon will talk to Denver water and figure out what we need to do.  

    2. Janice- 

      1. Crack fill for the Tennis courts –

      2. Trash pick up change will happen in March to start pick up in May

      3. Submit status of conservation trust fund - Done

      4. Transition Out:

        1. Peggy Merrill is training on the treasurer duties because Janice Bird’s term ends May 31, 2020

        2. Need a back up for Costco card and for alarm system

    3. Peggy- 

      1. Swim team

        1. 4 meets here May 30 and June 6, 13, 27 all on Saturday

      2. Tennis Maintenance contract

        1. We do have interest

    4. Kacey- 

      1. Finalize Fun in the Sun!

        1. Who to print

          1. HB – 500 for 405.00 plus tax done in 2-3 business days

          2. FedExKinkos – 369.67 plus tax 7-10 business days OR 1429.88 plus tax in 3 business days

          3. Motion to approve the use of Hansen Brothers for the printing of the Fun in the Sun for an amount up to $450 made by Peggy.  Second by Preston. Motion passes.

        2. Addresses/stamps – Janice and Carey

      2. Start new clean up on board member notebook for incoming new members.

      3. Family nights – Every single one we will have multiple food trucks!  Invite everyone you know!!

    5. Preston –

      1. Web page up to date

        1. Swim team updates

      2. Credit Card options

        1. Get a square terminal : motion made by Preston to purchase a square terminal for credit card use for an amount of 300.00 plus tax and shipping.  Second by Kacey. Motion passes.

      3. Security Cameras –  looking into options.  Will determine what options we need.

  1. Tennis Courts- 

    1. Please contact Matt Rotter,, for information regarding lessons, Junior Team Tennis and other available programs!! 

  2. Entryway- We have the “S” that fell off the sign and are in the process of getting bids to fix it after the hit and run

  3. Pool- Working on getting it replastered for the upcoming summer.

  4. Clubhouse- It’s time to think about reserving the clubhouse for your SPRING  and SUMMER event(s)!

  5. Newsletter Articles- next monthly mtg. date/time- Wed., April 8 @ 6:45, membership form, Board Opening – email Carey

  6. Old Business - 


Meeting ended at 8:22

Next Mtg. is scheduled for April 8, 2020, at 6:45 pm.


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