NEMRD Meeting Minutes Jan 2020

Jan 8th 2020

By NEMRD Secretary

Meeting Minutes 1.8.20  6:45 pm

Attendance: Carey Wirtzfeld, Peggy Merrill, Janice Bird, Kacey Pickard, Preston Faiks 

Review Minutes- Motion to approve December minutes made by Preston.  Second by Kacey. Motion passes.

Treasurers' Report- Received revenue and expenses report for end of 2019.  Received rental reports for end of the 2019 and for 2020.  Received final budget for 2020.

Board Member Reports-

    1. Carey-  

      1. This is an election year for NEMRD.

        1. Janice, Peggy and Kacey are up for election

          1. Janice is term limited and cannot run again

          2. Kacey will run again (term limited in 2027)

          3. Peggy (Term limited in 2023)

      2. 1/15- deadline. Mail letter to Division of Local Governments, informing them of any existing IGA’s between NEMRD & other entities.  

      3. Transparency notice & boundary map- due by 1/15

      4. Board Hosted Events – 

        1. Member only Pizza Party – August 15th 

        2. Family Nights - Second Tuesday of each month

        3. We’re cutting Memorial day BBQ

        4. We will have 4th July and Labor Day BBQ

      5. NEIA Clubhouse use– Peggy motions to approve 22 days of free clubhouse space to the Normandy Improvement Association board for meetings/board sponsored events, Kacey second. Motion Passes

      6. Normandy Elementary School requested a free membership for the 2020 summer for silent auction.  Motion to approve free membership to Normandy Elementary silent auction by Peggy. Preston seconds.  Motion Passes. 

      7. Pool replastering – has started, guaranteed date of finish by mid april

      8. Contracts

        1. Did we sign contract with All Star Pools - done

        2. Tennis Maintenance 

        3. Club house cleaning?

          1. Contract for 2x a month at $50.00 a cleaning and a pool membership. Starting in January. Will renew with current provider.

        4. Club house manager? (contract is a May to next April)

        5. Landscape/Sprinkler stay the same

        6. Swim team – Peggy will work on it

        7. Tennis contract with matt signed

      9. Resolution Calling for the 2020 Regular District Election and Appointing a Designated Election Official – Resolved.

    2. Janice- 

      1. 1/30-certified copy of adopted 2019 budget must be filed with Division of Local Government.

      2. Wilder School rates/dates/time

        1. $4.00 rate

        2. They want 5 days from 1-3

      3. Vending Machine or Not 

        1. Will do but will not do refunds – need to post a sign

      4. Get info to CPA to begin process for application for Exemption from Audit. Deadline is 3/31.

      5. Crack fill for the Tennis courts 2020

        1. Will get estimates.

    3. Peggy- 

      1. Tennis Contract Interest

      2. Will confirm info for Fun in the Sun for Tennis, Swim Team, Lessons

    4. Kacey- 

      1. The board must pass a resolution naming 3 sites where mtg announcements will be posted within the district. (Attorneys will send forms and publish). Resolution Passed.  

        1. Electronic notice is an option by posting on government site.  Will need to look into how to do this but in the mean time the 3 boards remain the posting sites.

      2. Begin planning Fun in the Sun!

        1. Rough Draft in February. 

      3. Clean up and correct Board member note book 

      4. What are we going to do with old equipment 

        1. Preston will put hard drive on a flash drive then dispose of computer.

    5. Preston –

      1.  Security info

        1. Motion to purchase hard drive for storage, replace DVR, new monitor for up to $700 to upgrade security system made by Kacey. Second by Peggy.  Motion passes.  

      2. Credit card options – 

        1. CC are accepted this year with a small convenience fee.

  1. Tennis Courts- 

    1. Please contact Matt Rotter,, for information regarding lessons, Junior Team Tennis and other available programs!! 

  2. Clubhouse- It’s time to think about reserving the clubhouse for your SPRING event(s)!

  3. Newsletter Articles- next monthly mtg. date/time- Wed., Feb 12, at 6:45, clubhouse rental reminder, Summer is coming!, Need a new board member (Feb 28 is the notice deadline to the election official)

  4. Old Business-  CC equipment discussion


Meeting ended at 8:22 PM

Next Mtg. is scheduled for February 12, 2020, at 6:45 pm.

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