NEMRD Special Meeting Minutes Oct 2019

Oct 30th 2019

By NEMRD Secretary


NEMRD Special Meeting Minutes 10.30.19  6:45 pm

Attendance: Carey Wirtzfeld, Peggy Merrill, Janice Bird, Kacey Pickard, Preston Faiks

    1. Budget Review

      1. Add $500 to budget worksheet for new Key Tag purchase

      2. Increase legal expense by $500 – election year buffer

      3. Discussion re use of square and possible need to purchase new equipment for CC use – budget is sufficient to cover this.

      4. Security system discussion – go digital, need to look into cost and adjust if cost increases.

      5. Pool Management contract is less than listed in budge worksheet

      6. Discussion re if Swim Pool Maintenance is sufficient to cover any anticipated new equipment needs.

      7. Need a better solution to the “exterior” hallway from bathrooms to pool doors – add $1,000 to budget to cover that need

      8. Consider adding $7,000 for playground maintenance for the tennis playground with the vandalism

      9. Increase crack fill for tennis courts to $8,000

      10. Add $5,000 to capital improvement for a new front sign

      11. All areas looked to be appropriate at this time

Meeting ended at 8:40

Next Mtg. scheduled for November 20, 2019 @ 6:45 Change in regular meeting date

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