NEMRD Meeting Minutes Dec 2019

Dec 11th 2019

By NEMRD Secretary

NEMRD Meeting Minutes 12.11.19  6:50 pm

Attendance: Carey Wirtzfeld, Janice Bird, Kacey Pickard, Preston Faiks 

Absent: Peggy Merrill (excused)

Guest: John O’Donnell

Review Minutes – Motion to approve minutes from October meeting made by Preston, second Janice .  Motion passes. 

Motion to approve Special Meeting in October minutes made by Preston, second Janice.  Motion Passes.

Motion to approve November meeting minuets made by Preston, second Janice.  Motion Passes.

Treasurers' Report –   Received the revenue and expense report.  Received the rentals report.  

Board Member Reports-

    1. Carey -  

      1. Paypal set up for 2019 memberships – Preston will input on web page

      2. Renew IGA with Foothills

        1. Kacey move to renew the contract with Foothills IGA for upto $3,000.  Second Preston. Motion passes.

      3. Boundary Map and Transparency Notice – lawyer does this

      4. Certify Mill Levey to County Commissioners 

      5. Pool Replastering Specifics

        1. Need is apparent from close inspection after closing and algae build up that was difficult to remove at the end of the season.  We could maybe get one more year out of it, possibly two we would be at a desperate level of repair then. We are at 12 years with this current plaster, 10-14 years is normal expectation.

        2. Steps, lane line tiles, water line tiles.  Recommend redoing all the tiles.

        3. Move to replace the lane line tiles, water line tiles, and the steps made by Kacey, second Janice.  Motion Passes.

      6. Subsequent email motion to amend motion made in November regarding replastering.  Motion made by Preston to increase budget for replastering to $90,600 and to have Advanced pool do the replastering.  Second by Kacey. Motion passes.

  1. Contracts for next Season

        1. Pool – Completed with All Star Pools

        2. Tennis Maintenance – Peggy provided contract and time estimates.  One person should fulfill this job.

        3. Shoveling/trash pick up - 

          1. Club house shoveling/cleaning – James Wirtzfield/parent

          2. Entry way shoveling/cleaning – Lucas Radic/parent

        4. Cleaning club house – annual starting in January

        5. Clubhouse manager – annual starting in January

        6. Landscape – annual after budget is done

        7. Trees – 

    1. Janice- 

      1. SDA membership dues 

      2. Workers Comp invoice to be paid 

      3. Resolution to Adopt the Budget – Motion to resolve to adopt the budget by Preston.  Second Kacey. Motion Passes. Resolution Signed by President.

    2. Peggy- (Report by Email)

      1. Trees were trimmed on Saturday Nov 23. He did a good job.  Steve 720.324.0497 Best Tree Specialists  He kept me informed of what he was doing, cleaned up nicely, had signs up to warn drivers of tree work. There is a lot of dead on the trees.  We will need to see how the trees do this spring.

      2. Randy at Ingrahms: Informed him of the 3 leaks in the entry way.  They are marked with flags.  He said his workers did not report any leaks-he did not do the work.  I have asked him to fix them in the spring.  We will then monitor to see how things are going and if we need to do any sprinkler head repairs.

      3. Tennis contract provided – only need one family

    3. Kacey-

    4. Preston –   

      1. Get new paypal put in

      2. Security Systems

        1. Several options, all work with a DVR box that will also support upgrades.

        2. Details coming more specifically in January

  1. Tennis Courts- 

    1. Please contact Matt Rotter,, for information regarding lessons, Junior Team Tennis and other available programs!! 

  2. Pool-  

  3. Clubhouse- It’s time to think about reserving the clubhouse for your WINTER and SPRING events

  4. Newsletter Articles- next monthly mtg. date/time, tennis court maintenance advertisement

  5. Business for Next meeting -  Holiday BBQs, CC/Cash/Check discussion, Security system options, remaining contracts


Motion to end meeting made by Kacey, second by Preston.

Meeting ended at 8:07

Next Mtg. is scheduled for January 8, 2020 at 6:45 pm.


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