NEMRD Meeting Minutes Oct 2019

Oct 9th 2019

By NEMRD Secretary


NEMRD Meeting Minutes 10.9.19  6:45 pm

Attendance: Carey Wirtzfeld, Peggy Merrill, Janice Bird, Kacey Pickard, 

Absent: Preston Faiks (unexcused)

Guest: John O’Donnall

Review Minutes – Motion to approve min made by Janice.  Second by Peggy. Approved

Events - 

Treasurers' Report –   Updated revenue, expenditures and Rental report provided by Janice.  

Board Member Reports-

    1. Carey -  

      1. Survey – 

        1. Will send a reminder to fill it out this week. And we will review next meeting.

      2. Improvement Association Comments – 

        1. why is the pool not private?  We are a recreation district, which can’t be private facility. If we were not a rec district, we would not get property tax and so then would have to require membership at an exorbitant rate from every home.

      3. Contracts for next Season

        1. Pool

        2. Tennis Maintenance – employees this year will give time estimates of work to Peggy and we will review contract

        3. Shoveling/trash pick up - 

          1. Club house shoveling/cleaning – James Wirtzfield/parent

          2. Entry way shoveling/cleaning – Lucas Radic/parent

        4. Cleaning club house – annual starting in January

        5. Clubhouse manager – annual starting in January

        6. Landscape – annual after budget is done

        7. Trees – Need to get some bids for budget.

      4. Pool resurfacing – have one bid and getting the second bid.

        1. John will confirm a few things with the bidders and we will make a decision soon.

          1. Bid from Alpine

          2. Bid from Advanced Pools

      5. Entry way sign on Coalmine with NEIA

      6. Discussion RE Security Systems

    2. Janice- 

      1. Tennis Court Bathroom Window – looking to get bids to replace

        1. Carey made a police report

      2. Painting of Slide/Railing Estimate

        1. $5,600 to paint.  Will wait to add this to budge for next year.

      3. 10/15 deadline to submit proposed budge to NEMRD Board

      4. Park vandalism – TWO mushrooms have been broken off now.  Getting bid to replace those

    3. Peggy-

      1. Slide resurfacing – Working on it and will need to budget it in for next year.

      2. Seeking contracts for running of the pool

        1. All Stars Pool – contract provided

        2. Apolo Pools – no response 

        3. Perfect Pools – no response

      3. Tennis Courts 

        1. Met with Tobias to get repair of tennis court shelter bid.  Will finalize and ask for an email vote on that.

      4. Sprinklers front entry way will get bid to fix broken lines

    4. Kacey-

      1. Change of general meeting for November to the 20th 

        1. Special Budget Meeting October 30 @ 6:45

    5. Preston –   

      1. Website

      2. Look into security options

  1. Tennis Courts- 

    1. Please contact Matt Rotter,, for information regarding lessons, Junior Team Tennis and other available programs!! 

  2. Clubhouse- It’s time to think about reserving the clubhouse for your WINTER events

  3. Pool – has been winterized, water blown out, things put away, swamp cooler drained.

  4. Newsletter Articles- next monthly mtg. date/time and special budget meeting, notice about the vandalism at the tennis court playground/bathroom

  5. Business for Next meeting – Survey results, tennis workers contract time/$, maintain holiday BBQ will be discussed with survey results

Meeting ended at 8:35  

Special Budget Meeting to be held October 30, 2019 @ 6:45 @ club house

Next Mtg. scheduled for November 20, 2019 @ 6:45 Change in regular meeting date

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