NEMRD Meeting Minutes Sept 2019

Sep 11th 2019

By NEMRD Secretary

NEMRD Meeting Minutes 9.11.19  6:50 pm


Attendance: Carey Wirtzfeld, Peggy Merrill, Janice Bird, Kacey Pickard, Absent: Preston Faiks

Guest: Jon 

Review Minutes – Motion to approve min made by Peggy.  Second by Janice. Approved

Events - 10/5 Doughnuts with Neighbors

Treasurers' Report –   Updated revenue, expenditures and Rental report provided by Janice.  

Board Member Reports-

    1. Carey -  

      1. Pool closed

        1. Review with Jon

          1. Will rebid our job because contract is up – minimum wage keeps increasing

          2. 4-5 incidents this year

          3. Lots of lost and founds donated.  Need to reposition it for next year maybe in office.

          4. Bids for plastering pool (Advanced Pools and Spas/Alpine Pool and Plaster).  Work would be done end of April time frame.

        2. Winterize tennis restroom around end Sept/beg Oct

      2. Jeffco open space grant - It’s a 70/30 split and with needing to plaster pool and a low-income year it is unlikely to apply.

      3. Looked into USTA Grants for the Tennis courts – it’s a 50/50 match.  The expense is exorbitant so after pool re-plaster and continued saving we will consider application in future years.

      4. Review Pool clubhouse and pool rental rates for next season

        1. Increased for nonresidents 4 years ago

        2. Will leave rates as are for 2020

      5. Review membership rates for next season

        1. Resident rates have not been increased in 9 years.  Non resident rates raised 3 years ago.

        2. Maintain rates non and resident rates for 2020

        3. We will keep the after 4:00 discount rate Monday to Friday $4 walk up rate per person 

        4. Family night rate not effective b/c the after 4 rate tended to be a better price.  Can re-explore this if we need

        5. Wilder will be $4 a person next year.

      6. Complete online renewal update for workers comp and P&L insurance. 

      7. Wifi discussion with Century Link

        1. $130 per month to keep Wifi/$50 per month without Wifi in winter.  Start up is $100 and take off is $100 

          1. Motion to turn off the Wifi from September 2019 to May 2020 made by Peggy.  Second by Janice. Motion passes.

      8. Survey – Carey will send to board for input before sending out.

        1. Do we need to take cash or can we be a credit only business?

        2. Did you participate in swim lessons? Please provide feed back.  

        3. Did you participate in any family nights?  Do you have suggestions for next year?

      9. Contracts for next Season

        1. Pool

        2. Tennis Maintenance – employees this year will give time estimates of work to Peggy and we will review contract

        3. Shoveling – two contracts one for clubhouse and one for entry way

        4. Cleaning club house – annual starting in January

        5. Clubhouse manager – annual starting in January

        6. Landscape – annual after budget is done

        7. Trees – Need to get some bids for budget.

      10. Pizza Party for Members Review

        1. Second half of pizzas not delivered on time and almost too late.  Need to get them all at the same time and then maybe just do half in the first hour and half in the second hour.

      11. Pool resurfacing – have one bid and getting the second bid.

      12. Entry way sign on Coalmine with NEIA.

    2. Janice- 

      1. Memberships in line with Budget? We were short this year 170 this year vs 210 last year. 15% down. Cold beginning to the season.

      2. Painting of Slide/Railing Estimate

        1. $5,600 to paint.  Will wait to add this to budge for next year.

      3. 10/15 deadline to submit proposed budge to NEMRD Board

      4. Dumpster Change - Done

      5. Benches in women’s locker room

      6. Motion to realign, move, and remove parking blocks not to exceed $230 made by Peggy.  Kacey Second. Motion passes

      7. Snack Machine – We will keep for next year but we will not offer refunds.  Use at your own risk.

    3. Peggy-

      1. Slide resurfacing – Working on it and will need to budget it in for next year.

      2. Seeking contracts for running of the pool

      3. Pool sprinkler system turn off

      4. Tennis Courts

    4. Kacey-

      1. Last family night was a SUCCESS!

        1. Stella Blue filled 133 items and it was BUSY

        2. Bubbles and Buddies total $264

        3. Pirate Night 144.34

        4. Ducks and Food Trucks 367.23

        5. NEMRD total 402.63

        6. NEIA total 373.60

      2. Pool closed sign for the pool board

      3. Guest Passes

        1. Motion to order guest passes not to exceed $60 for next year by Janice. Second Peggy.  Motion passes.

    5. Preston –   

      1. Website

  1. Tennis Courts- 

    1. Please contact Matt Rotter,, for information regarding lessons, Junior Team Tennis and other available programs!! 

  2. Clubhouse- It’s time to think about reserving the clubhouse for your FALL and WINTER events

  3. Newsletter Articles- next monthly mtg. date/time, 

  4. Business for Next meeting – Are we going to maintain the holiday BBQ or try something else?  


Motion to end meeting made by Janice.  Second Peggy. Passes 

Meeting ended at 8:50

Next Mtg. is scheduled for October 9, 2019


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