NEMRD Meeting Minutes July 2019

July 10th 2019

By NEMRD Secretary

NEMRD Meeting Agenda                      7.10.19            6:45 pm

Attendance: Carey Wirtzfeld, Peggy Merrill, Janice Bird, Preston Faiks
Excused Absence: Kacey Pickard
Review Minutes –  Motion to approve June Minutes by Peggy.  Second by Preston, approved.
Events -  Last Family Night for the Season is Aug 13.  Labor Day BBQ, Aug Pool Pizza Party
Treasurers' Report –  Received Revenue/Expenditures report.  Rental report.  Membership low, Century Link had high cost last year. 
Board Member Reports-
    1. Carey - 
      1. Norovirus report : Every surface (chairs, handrails, ladders, ... etc) all cleaned
      2. John (pool manager) invited to speak
        1. Staffing is a concern, high turnover in lifeguards
          1. Comments from Kacey about pool manager roles/responsibilities/etiquette
            1. Still in need of more qualified pool managers.  Also working on training managers.
          2. Janice asked about pavilion cleaning.
            1. Still training guards on cleaning responsibilities.
        2. Weather
          1. Lightning danger for clearing the pool is hard to determine.
            1. Assign a lead watch person for weather watch (use eyes, ears and app)
            2. Lightning within 10 miles -- clear the pool
            3. NOAA Lightning Safety
          2. High winds or heavy rain may also close pool if visibility is an issue for lifeguards.
        3. Adult swim on the :50 of every hr, even the final hr. Pool water closes ~5 min before pool closing time.
        4. Five requests for longer Adult Swims, advised to maintain consistency.
      3. Memberships – 170
        1. Should we have discounted memberships late in the season?
          1. Not fair to members who sign up earlier.
      4. Cars parked on Coal mine obstruct view
        1. Carey asked girls who normally park there to move further back, and they agreed.
      5. WiFi Internet for pool
        1. Waiting for bill without startup fees to compare only recurring costs
        2. Bring all bills March - Aug to the next meeting.
      6. August Pool Days Change – what are they and when do they take effect.
        1. Send an email to members with notice
        2. Pool going weekends only may be deferred until Aug  11th - 17th (need to wait for John to determine lifeguard availability)
      7. Pool Pizza party for members
        1. Janice wanted staggered pizza delivery for later arrivers.
        2. Carey will talk to Roberts to see if its possible.
      8. Put painting the slide stairs/railing on 2020 budget 
        1. Janice will get estimate
    2. Janice-
      1. Tennis Court Crack Fill
        1. Quote is $7925
        2. Looking at Aug 10th 
        3. Motion to approve crack fill at the cost of $7925 by SportCourt made by Peggy / Janice 2nd - approved
      2. Invoice Swim Team 
      3. Change Dumpster Pickup -- call in early Aug
        1. bi-weekly until Sept 1st
        2. once weekly after sept 1st
      4. Benches for Women's locker room
        1. 4 benches for $590.70 plus installation costs
          1. Motion approved
      5. Carey to get estimate for re-mulching playground
      6. Vacuum cleaner makes noise and may need cleaning.
    3. Peggy-
      1. Swim Team Updates
        1. Meet on 17th of July
      2. Getting quote on slide resurfacing
      3. Tennis Courts
        1. looking good, blower works great
        2. ordering new squeegees / roller 4 @ $44 ~= $200 
          1. Motion approved.
        3. talked to Jim about repairing tennis court pavilion (at least 6 weeks out )
        4. Chain link fence needs repair
          1. Janice is going to get an estimate
      4. Mulch for the path
        1. Carey did some maintenance
        2. Peggy waiting for mulch sale for new mulch
        3. Peggy will spray weeds
      5. Move August Meeting Date to Aug 7th
        1. Need to double-check with Kacey
        2. Need to post at least 72hrs ahead of time
      6. Entry Way Bush Cleanup
        1. Working on it, washing fixtures
        2. LEDs are brighter
        3. One light is broken
        4. Need to trim bushes
    4. Kacey-
      1. July Family Night update - vial e-mail discussed by Carey
      2. Post a sign for pool hours change
    5. Preston –   
      1. Minutes are on webiste blog posts now
      2. Members loaded onto website
      3. still working on how to send e-mails
Meeting ended at   ~8:45pm
Next Mtg. is scheduled for August 14 7, 2019, at 6:45 pm.
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