NEMRD Meeting Minutes June 2019

June 12th 2019

By NEMRD Secretary

NEMRD Meeting Minutes                     6.12.19            6:45 pm

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Attendance: Carey Wirtzfeld, Peggy Merrill, Janice Bird, Kacey Pickard, Preston Faiks,
Review Minutes –  Motion to approve Regular May Minutes by Peggy.  Second by Preston. Motion passes.
Motion to approve Minuets from the Special May 22 Meeting by Peggy.  Second by Kacey. Motion Passes
Events -  Memorial day recap – slow and cold that day about 100 attendees and about 98 meals sold. 
Family night recap – people came, not as many as we were hoping for but it was colder than we hoped.  The goodie bags were well received and brownies were a hit.  Bubbles were fun over the pool!  
Treasurers' Report –  Received Revenue/Expenditures report.  Rental report.
Board Member Reports-
    1. Carey - 
      1. Memberships – 167 total right now.
      2. November Election – form submitted – there are no ballot issues.
      3. NEIA requested us to discuss neighborhood sign at Depew and Coal Mine
        1. NEIA please start the discussion and let us know we are tapped for time right now – end of summer may provide more NEMRD availability
      4. Free Day – it was cold! 7 people came
      5. WiFi Internet for pool - $99 a month for phone and internet for all year with a 2 year commitment.  We also currently rent our modem.  It costs 100$ to cancel and start up again every year.
        1. Preston moves to enter into a 2 year contract with CentryLink at 99$ a month with additional taxes and fees
          1. Table to confirm costs and buy modem to include in the costs and motion
    2. Janice-
      1. Memberships in line with Budget?
        1. We are short this year but it has been cold
      2. New patio table/chairs
        1. We cannot get just a new table top.
        2. Two new tables would be $343 and 4 new chairs would be $493.80 – shipping would be $304.26.
        3. Preston moves to approve $1150 to purchase and ship 2 new tables and 4 new chairs.  Peggy Seconds.  Motion passes
      3. Tennis Court Crack Fill
        1. Sport Court of the Rockies has been asked to remeasure and give a bid. We may need to vote by email to get it done as soon as possible.
      4. Roof repair has been completed.
      5. Motion made through email by Janice to approve the purchase of a new (dented/scratched) freezer/refrigerator combo for the office area for $633.99.  The old ones seals have sagged and they do not seal any longer. This will include removal of the old freezer and refrigerator.  Motion Seconded.  Motion approved.
    3. Peggy-
      1. Swim team – 118 swimmers
        1. We hosted an extra swim meet because Woodburn doesn’t have heat in their pool right now.
      2. Slide end needs to be examined to see if we can shorten it – we have to take it off for swim meets and stresses it just a little bit, looking for fiberglass person to do it.
      3. Tennis Court Employee update and when to make payment
        1. Have always paid at the end of the season and so we will do that this year as well.  Peggy will let them know.
      4. Rollers need to be replaced for the tennis courts.
      5. Summer Kick Ball – So fun!  Enjoy your time. 
      6. Adult swim is 10 min at the bottom of the hour.
    4. Kacey-
      1. Pool Rules Sign
        1. Motion made through email by Kacey to approve spending $284.48 on a new metal sign by Fast Signs for pool rules in conjunction with the previously approved document. Second by Janice.  Motion passes.
        2. Sign is ready at fast signs.  Janice will pick up.
      2. Web Page – Preston is going to take over.
        1. Carey will send him contacts for web page blasts.
      3. New Entrance signs – what contact info do we want listed?
        1. Normandy Gmail Account and Carey’s cell number.
    5. Preston –   
  1. Tennis Courts-
    1. Please contact Matt Rotter,, for information regarding lessons, Junior Team Tennis and other available programs!!
  2. Entryway- new sign for Depew and Cole Mine for the neighborhood?  
  3. Pool-  July 4th BBQ, Family Night July 9th Pirate Night
  4. Clubhouse- It’s time to think about reserving the clubhouse for your SUMMER event(s)!
  5. Newsletter Articles- next monthly mtg. date/time- Wed., July 10, 2019 at 6:45
  6. Business for Next meeting -  
Meeting ended at   8:22 pm
Next Mtg. is scheduled for July 10, 2019, at 6:45 pm.
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