NEMRD Meeting Minutes May 2019

May 8th 2019

By NEMRD Secretary

NEMRD Meeting Minutes                     5.08.19            6:45 pm

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Attendance: Carey Wirtzfeld, Preston Faiks, Janice Bird, Kacey Pickard
Absent: Peggy Merrill (excused)
Guest: John O’Donnell
Review Minutes –  Motion to approve minutes by Preston second by Kacey.  Motion passes.
NEIA update – food truck is secure for August family night
Events - Opening Day is May 25!  NEMRD’S first BBQ of the season is Monday, May 27 from 12-2 pm. 
Treasurers' Report –   Received Revenue/Expenses and rentals report.
Board Member Reports-
    1. Carey - 
      1. Memberships – 155 pool and tennis and 10 tennis only. We are on track. No new tags unless people ask for them.
        1. Friday Carey will send out email for new tennis code and welcome
      2. Plan for Memorial Day BBQ
        1. NOTICE: Have people bring their own adult chairs, no glass and no large floaties.
      3. Opening needs
        1. Email info for opening day
          1. Will include rules for memorial day
        2. Board meeting with Guards and Guard training
          1. May19 at noon
      4. Wifi – swim team will pay half.  Should we keep it on all year?  Carey will look at pricing
    2. Janice-
      1. Parking lot repairs – Starting on the 16th with infrared patches.  We need to set a new date for the fill but the weather has been an issue.
      2. New Equipment to Order?
        1. Looking into if we can order two new table tops because they have chunks missing and new chairs.
      3. Opening Day Needs
        1. Vending Machine set up/start up
          1. If something is a problem continually we will remove it.
          2. Look more closely at how to deal with the money exchange when refunds are issued.
        2. Base board heat off
        3. Swamp cooler
        4. Dumpster – Regular dumpster will be picked up twice a week. 
          1. Motion made by Preston to get a 3 yard recycling dumpster that will be emptied every other week.  Second by Kacey. Motion passes.
      4. Roof repairs estimates
        1. Have estimates from Reliable Roofing and Excel Roofing. 
          1. Motion made Kacey by to approve the use of Excel Roofing to replace needed damage on the roof of the club house for the company’s estimated amount of $1145.00.  Seconded by Preston.  Motion Passes.
      5. Tennis Court Crack Fill
        1. Asking sport court to come out and reevaluate their estimate.  The other estimate for consideration is from Court Repair Service.
        2. We will no longer consider coatings, inc.’s estimate for this year.
    3. Peggy (submitted update by email)-
      1. Swim team – 3 home meets.  8, 15, 20 June.
      2. Pool opening needs John –
        1. All equipment working properly?
          1. So far everything appears to be working properly.
          2. Will Rota Rooter the drains for root this year
          3. Plaster is in pretty good shape other than a few stains we couldn’t get out because there are a few low spots that during draining take longer to empty and staining happens and under the slide area.   This is 12 seasons with this plaster (9-15 is the average you get).
          4. Auto light timing had been messed up probably because of some kind of power outage and so they have been reset.
          5. Floor drains in the men and women bathrooms.
          6. Staffing for the pool. 11-12 guards and 3 office staf  And Pool manager – lifeguard certified.
        2. Weeds have been sprayed and are dying around the tennis courts.  Will need to be pulled.
      3. Sprinklers – Randy was here on May 1.  No issues so far.
      4. Set tennis codes for courts/bathrooms (timed lock has been redone)
        1. Repair needed on the Tennis water fountain
      5. Boy Scouts Workshare Project
        1. Set to come May 14 about 6:30.  Mulch and pine cones are the main projects.
      6. Recycle Bins – John recommends the smaller bins.
        1. Preston moves to purchase 4 of the 32 gallon trash cans for the approximate cost of $19.97 per trash can. Kacey seconds.  Motion passes.
      7. Purchasing flowers for the pool this weekend.
    4. Kacey-
      1. Family Nights
        1. Angel and Jeanette from NEIA have done a great job brainstorming exciting fun things for our family nights this year.
        2. The food truck Stella Blue secured for August event!
      2. Webpage 
        1. Requested pay pal change
        2. Swim team web page issues
      3. 5 year plan To Do List (this is tabled for further discussion):
        1. Tennis courts – fences, court base, keep or better use?
        2. Parking lot – repairs, more asphalt?
        3. Advertise memorial tree sponsorship as a way to replace some of the tree needs?
        4. A pole to prevent autos from driving on the path to the neighborhood
        5. Landscaping between pool and tennis court.
      4. Pool Rules Sign
    5. Preston-
      1. Tennis – windscreens will need to be pulled down mid to end of May.  Tennis bathrooms will be de-winterized about this time as well by John (pool manager)
        1. Will hang wind screens at 10:00 am Saturday the 11th
      2. Tennis Maintenance – three people have showed interest. 
        1. Preston will review job description and put frequency to the “as needed” sections. 
          1. His estimate is a total seasonal commitment of about 80 hours of work.  Preston recommends increasing amount of pay for work.  This should have been determined during budgeting and we have had interest at current rate from 4 people.  Current rate is maintained for this year and Preston can address this at budgeting for next year.
        2. Will call the interested parties and talk to them about expectations and if they can meet those and then will set up interview if necessary.
          1. This had not previously been completed to the meeting. Interested parties will be invited to join us on Saturday the 11th for interview and then board will discuss and vote on whom to hire.
  1. Tennis Courts-
    1. Please contact Matt Rotter,, for information regarding lessons, Junior Team Tennis and other available programs!!
  2. Pool-  Opening Day May 25!!!
  3. Clubhouse- It’s time to think about reserving the clubhouse for your SUMMER event(s)!
  4. Newsletter Articles- next monthly mtg. date/time- Wed., June 12, at 6:45, July 4th event, Memberships still available see web page

Motion to adjourn by Kacey, Janice seconds.  Passes.
Meeting ended at  9:13  pm
Next Mtg. is scheduled for June 12, 2018, at 6:45 pm.

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